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Dec 1st

The real bridge playing experience

Real Deal Bridge brings your  bridge club to you by delivering the in person experience to the small (or big) screen of your choosing.  

One of the best parts of the game is getting to chat with your friends and opponents.  Real Deal Bridge includes in game voice chat which not only brings this element to your online games but also allows for a platform that can can provide a natural flow to each hand as you can alert and explain partner's bids, talk through your claims and ask questions to your opponents without needing to type.  This feature makes the director's job much easier as they can easily assess any irregularities that arise and  get the game going again. 

Just like in real life, your name badge and smile go everywhere with you!  Players on Real Deal use their real name (which is also easily connected to your ABF number) and display profile photos chosen (or taken on your device) by each player.  This personalisation means you quickly know the people in your games without needing to keep a mental database of usernames.   


The Real Deal project build 

It's been a busy week!

Not only has the website and Facebook page gone live but the team at
No Moss have been getting their hands messy with the in game experience.  

The developers are quite the card sharks with many having played 500.  This meant that it was quite an easy transition to bridge.  No Moss have already developed their own bidding convention, compulsory redoubles!  In our test scenarios, I have never seen so many big scores from redoubled contracts!

We have now gotten to the point that we can let the testing robots loose to play in tournaments and stress test the platform.  This week has also featured some significant screen designs with the home lobby, player profile areas and tournament registration areas nearly completed.  Over the coming weeks we will be sharing these designs with you when they are finalised.

The board members 

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The real people

Greg Lewin
Laura Ginnan
Pete Hollands
Josephine Illig

Greg Lewin AM 
BE (Chem), MBA, FREng, FIChemE

Laura Ginnan

Peter Hollands
BE (Mat)

Josephine Illig