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Stage 1

(Closed Alpha 1)


Stage 2

(Closed Alpha 2)


Stage 3
(Open Beta)
In progress


Stage 4
(Full Release)
Mid August 

Stage 2 (Closed Alpha):  This phase will be stable but it won't all be smooth sailing.  If having to curtail a live session due to a fire alarm or power outage leaves you extremely frustrated this stage probably isn't right for you. 

Stage 3: This release will be the first public release and will be right option for many players.  Real Deal Bridge will appear in app stores and be easily accessed online.  Everything will be well polished, however, this will be the first stress test with real players.

Full release:  This stage is perfect for players who want to wait for the real deal.  This will be when the polished program is operating with full functionality and local clubs are running their own sessions in addition to Real Deal Bridge Club games.

If you would like to start playing in stage 3 or 4, keep an eye on the weekly updates for more information.  If you would like to begin playing now in closed alpha 2, please complete the form below.


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