Update #9
August 1st

Goodbye closed alpha testing and hello release stage 3


A huge thank you to our Closed Alpha test group!  The group featured a great mix of people from most corners of the country who brought vastly different backgrounds to the project.  Some of our testers have a connection to the industry or previously worked in it and have enjoyed seeing a modern games design company in action.  These people looked anywhere they could for bugs and really gained satisfaction when they found them.  We also had a group of very patient players who said from the start 'if I can do it, anyone will be able to'.  The viewpoint from players who were solely looking at the usability and thinking in bridge player mode rather than software mode was crucial for shaping function, design and some of the tech support questions we are set to encounter. 

We excited to let you know it's time to show this baby off!




Stage 3 (Open Beta) begins next week.  This is our final phase of testing and we would love to get you at the table in this phase!

The Open Beta page will be the main go to point for players in this phase.  There will be 3 main steps for each player.

1. Preparation 

2. Sign up

3. Get playing!

You will get the most out of your Real Deal Bridge experience by performing a bit of housework on your technology as soon as possible. 


From Monday at around 4.00 you will be able to register your user account and start booking in for games.  It's a good idea to have a look through the sign up process over the weekend and the get playing page from Monday. 

Great news for prospective clubs in Open Beta!


When planning our release plan, we  wanted to get clubs involved by incorporating them in directing Real Deal Bridge Club sessions.  

We have now revised this plan and would like to allow clubs to set themselves up in the first week
(August 3-7) and run their own free sessions from August 10-14!    

Clubs who have registered their interest through the clubs page (or in previous email updates) will be contacted early in the week to begin this process.  In the meantime, clubs should encourage their players to get involved in the first week of testing by playing in Real Deal Bridge Club sessions and also plan their test session schedule for the period of August 10-14!


See the clubs tab in the menu at the top of this page to find out more about how clubs can set up their online club and run virtual bridge sessions using Real Deal Bridge.