It's our birthday!  

Real Deal Bridge is now available!

To celebrate we are offering games free of charge until the end of August!

If you are looking to play on a tablet, you will have to wait until the app pops up in the App/Play store which will probably be 24-72 hours.  

Please note:  If you were previously playing in the Open Beta testing phase, you will need to re-create your account as data has been wiped for the final time.  This time, your registration will be final.

Now launched and live!

Update #11 August 21

Real Deal

To get playing, step 1:
This video prepares you to play on Real Deal Bridge.  
Please also download the player guide (you might want to print this and work your way though it with the video). 

In future, simply go to to launch from the home screen (if playing on web).