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Update #10
August 8th

Open Beta week 1 complete

It's been wonderful seeing so many faces from all over the country taking part in our Open Beta testing.  

This coming week is our final week of testing.  If you haven't played in a session yet, why not find a time that suits you and your partner and sign up today? 
All sessions in Open Beta are free of charge. 

This week's Open Beta session times
All sessions run for up to 1 hour and 45 minutes

Monday 10/8: 3.30 pm AEST / 3.00 ACST / 1.30 AWST

Tuesday 11/8: 1.00 pm AEST / 12.30 ACST / 11.00 AWST

Tuesday 11/8: 7.30 pm AEST / 7.00 ACST / 5.00 AWST

Wednesday 12/8: 3.30 pm AEST / 3.00 ACST / 1.30 AWST 

Thursday 13/8: 10.00 am AEST / 9.30 ACST / 8.00 AWST

Thursday 13/8: 7.30 pm AEST / 7.00 ACST / 5.00 AWST

Friday 14/8: 10.00 am AEST / 9.30 ACST / 8.00 AWST

Important note for tablet users

Due to the processing and approval times for tablet builds we will not be releasing in app stores until the full release to ensure that you are able to play on the most current version of Real Deal Bridge. 

Preparing to play on Real Deal Bridge

To improve your own experience and for the benefit of others, we recommend taking a look at the Open Beta tab in the menu at the top of your page.   

Please also note that if you would like to use your own voice, headphones are required and you do need to complete a set up process.  If you don't have headphones you will still be able to use text chat and hear the voice of other players.  

Here are a few videos that will also help you along the way.


Features for directors and clubs

Voice broadcast to the pre game lobby up to 30 min before each game allows you to connect with your players and even run lessons if you would like. 

Set up your own virtual club area.

Email session participants at the click of a button.

Voice chat to players at the table.

Easily upload your own hands (or use our random deal generator).

Contract directly with Real Deal Bridge.

Support an Australian made, owned and operated platform.