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Update #7
July 18th


Testing update and timeline

Intrepid testers from all over Australia have now been playing on Real Deal over the past two weeks. In that time we have seem some bugs that did not appear on our internal testing server but have popped up since converting to the staging server.  Our human testers have also found some truly ingenious ways to challenge the system that our test bots could not do.   

As bridge players we were hoping for all of our finesses to be onside, 3-3 breaks and a favourable lead when we planned the testing schedule.  We have encountered a couple of bad breaks and the defender's are certainly putting us to the test.  Like at the table, the best thing you can do in this position is take a bit of time, re-evaluate your plan and then set about perfect execution.  This we have done.  


Stage 1 (Closed Alpha) will continue this week.  Stage 2 testers will come on board shortly and we will have stage 3 kicking off at the end of the month.  Stage 3 will also be extended to two weeks to provide some extra time for all interested clubs to get set up and learn the ropes of running sessions.  All Real Deal Bridge sessions will be FREE of charge until the end of stage 3. 

Stage 1

(Closed Alpha 1)

In progress 

Stage 2
(Closed Alpha 2)
Coming soon: Closed testing group with core functionality.

Stage 3
(Open Beta)
End of July: Open to everyone, live in app stores and free to play.  


Stage 4
(Full Release)
Mid August 

The Real Deal user experience: What to expect

Real Deal Calendar.JPG

Your personal calendar will display sessions from all clubs that choose to join and whether or not you have booked in for those sessions.  
A tick in the bottom corner (Monday) shows that you have booked in and your partner has as well.

A question mark (Wednseday) indicates that you have booked in but your partner hasn't 

And a cross (Thursday) shows that you were registered but now aren't (for example, your partner isn't available)

The calendar allows you to easily manage your schedule and ensure that you know what games your club(s) have available.  30 minutes before a session starts you will be able to enter a lobby for that game by clicking on the session.  

In the lobby you will be able to hear the voice of the director (some clubs might like to run teaching seminars in this time) and you will also be able to text chat with other game participants.  

Optionally you can be taken to your seat 5 minutes before game time or you can wait until you are automatically taken there at 2 minutes before start time.  At the table you will be able to chat (voice) with your partner and opponent's before the game starts.

After the game finishes you will also have a lobby where you can chat with other players and look through scores from the session.  


Director and club functions 

During this coming week we will be adding a clubs link to the menu with information about the club and director experience.   Clubs will also be invited to join us as session directors in our games to experience the director moderation suite during release stage 2 and 3.  

club information flyer.JPG