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Update #8
July 25th


Build update 

This week we have seen the Real Deal Bridge player experience really take shape.  Our closed alpha 1 test group has now worked their way through the complete flow:

- Signing up for user accounts
- Viewing and booking in for virtual bridge sessions

- Joining pre-game lobby

- Playing in sessions

- Viewing scores and interacting in the post game lobby


This week we are welcoming our stage 2 Closed Alpha group to get involved and will start some early stress tests, refine director functionality and flow and continue working through bugs and visual tweaks.  Closed Alpha 2 testers will be emailed on Monday with information about how they can get playing. 

player card.JPG

Your customised player experience


Last week we featured your personal calendar which will only display sessions from clubs that you have signed up for and will keep track of the sessions that you have booked in for.  This week we thought we would show off some of the fun customisation settings. 

Your Real Deal membership card can be printed or saved to your computer so that you never lose your RDB number (although you can also use your ABF number anywhere on the site).

In game, you have four different colours to choose from to highlight the player whose turn it is to play.  This great feature means that you will never be left wondering whose turn it is and also provides options for our colour blind users to select the choice that makes life easiest for them.  

Testing these options over the last few weeks showed just how different peoples preferences were, naturally the best thing we could do is let you choose for yourself.


What's going on behind the scenes

This week the website has started to take shape with the beginning of the players and clubs information tabs going live.  Past weekly updates will still be available, just not as prominently.


Our upcoming week is going to be a busy one!  We will be busy making videos to demonstrate the in game experience and use for tutorials on the site functions.  ABF affiliated clubs will also be contacted with site demonstation videos and get started on the set up arrangements for their virtual home of bridge. 

If you are excited about playing on Real Deal Bridge and would love to see your club operating on the software why not touch base with them to check in on how they are in these difficult times and also give them a heads up to keep an eye out for our email.