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Update #5
July 3rd

Real Deal Bridge is now ready for real players and we couldn't think of anyone better to give it a whirl than our email subscribers.  The program will be released in four different stages and we want to you to opt in for the stage that will suit you best.   

Full release:  This stage is perfect for players who want to wait for the real deal.  This will be when the polished program is operating with full functionality and local clubs are running their own sessions in addition to Real Deal Bridge Club games.

Stage 3: This release will be the first public release and will be right option for many players.  Real Deal Bridge will appear in app stores and be easily accessed online.  Everything will be well polished, however, this will be the first stress test with real players.  

Stage 1 and 2 are not for the faint-hearted.  They are suited to tech savvy players who are patient and have an appreciation for the software development process. 

Stage 2 (Closed Alpha):  This phase will be stable but it won't all be smooth sailing.  If having to curtail a live session due to a fire alarm or power outage leaves you extremely frustrated this stage probably isn't right for you. 

Stage 1 (Closed Alpha):  Up until now, most of the session testing has featured TestBots who select their actions at random.  There is only so much bad bidding and play that we can bare to watch and we are keen to get real people at the table.  There are many players with a software background who are keen to get their hands dirty as well as players who would love to be part of the program right from the start.  

This stage is often undertaken by a hand picked
group of users who expect to encounter problems.  We are opening this stage to anyone who is game to opt in, however, please be aware that it isn't for everyone.  If (when) things go wrong we will be seeking as much information as possible including screen shots to help solve problems.  Players in this stage might encounter frustration at a similar level as going down to a 5-0 trump split in a grand slam.       

Which stage would you like to get started in?

If you would like to get started in stage 3 or 4 please join our email list to keep up to date.  Closed Alpha stage 2 is currently in progress, if you would like to sign up to get started in that phase now, see our testing page.

Getting to know Real Deal Bridge

Pete demonstrates the Real Deal Bridge sign up and login and how you will register to play in sessions.  The session registration video also has a glimpse of your personal calendar...more to see on that in next week's update. 


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