Update #2 
June 13th

Be the first and play for free in our introductory offer 


By downloading and playing Real Deal Bridge when the program is launched you will have the opportunity to be one of the first in the country and the world to enjoy the real online bridge playing experience.

For a limited introductory period sessions will also be free!

The ultimate solution for clubs 

Behind the in game player experience Real Deal Bridge delivers comprehensive suite of features and functions to empower Clubs and Directors to organise and run great sessions.  Clubs can maintain full control over their games or hire Real Deal Bridge approved directors to run sessions.  

- Create clubs, manage players and sessions easily with Real Deal Bridge

- Comprehensive in game moderation tools with easy to navigate displays.

- Voice chat makes directing a breeze and enables clubs to run supervised play. 

- Tech support and Club Contracts are directly with Real Deal Bridge


Building the best!


This has been a big week at No Moss with many of the in game user experience 

designs being implemented and going through initial testing. 

The team at No Moss have come up with some innovative solutions to bring the
world game to your screens.  Not only can you alert your partner's bids and 

easily request explanations of your opponent's calls but you can see how tricks are tracked like they would be at the edge of the table and view the bidding in two different styles.  One replicates the feel of using a bidding box in conjunction with a bidding pad and is seen during the auction phase. The other is a simple table display with bids listed that can be seen during the auction and also the play.  This ensures that you never feel disorientated and have options to suit your preferences.


Behind the user experience there are some nifty tech features to ensure the integrity of the hand and the displays.    For example, although you click a card from anywhere in your hand, all of the other players always see this as coming from the same spot and the program will magically convert that card into the correct card that you have played, this prevents knowing where in a hand a card was played from.  The deals that are randomly generated (clubs choose their file uploads or random deals) are sufficiently random that they could be used for a money casino operations.

Coming July 2020...It's worth the wait.