Available July 2020
...It's worth the wait

Update #3
June 19th


Ready set play!  The Real Deal Bridge launch plan

1st Monday in July: Phase 1

3rd Monday in July: Phase 2 

4th Monday in July: Phase 3

Phase 1:
Email subscribers will be invited to create accounts and play for free in Real Deal Bridge
Club sessions. Prospective clubs are also invited to begin to learn the ropes for creating and running sessions. 

Phase 2:

Real Deal Bridge can be played by everyone!  Only Real Deal Bridge Club sessions will be held and these will be free to play in.  If they haven't already, clubs are encouraged to get signed up and ready to start running their own sessions from July 27.

Phase 3: 
The Real Deal Bridge client is live and clubs can begin to run their sessions.  The Real Deal Bridge Club will also run daily paid sessions.

NAMES_auction_1_board and vuln top right

The Real Deal project build

The team at No Moss have been busy putting the finishing touches on and implementing the 'in game' designs.

Some of our favourite features include:

Photos and names of players at the table. 

Easy to use bidding box

Touch to alert partner's bids

In game updates feature in the chat panel

Countdown timer for each round

Club Managers and Secretaries,
disappoint your members by making them wait. 
Start preparing your club for the Real Deal Bridge launch today by completing this form 

Thank you for registering your clubs interest we will be in touch soon.