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Update #4
June 26th


Real Deal Bridge release phase 1

Phase 1 (Closed Alpha) will run from July 6-17.  Email subscribers will be sent detailed information about how to get involved in this testing phase late next week so that they are ready to go on the first Monday in July.  

Each day will feature multiple short sessions of 9-15 boards.  


This exciting phase offers you the opportunity to be one of the first ever users and a chance for us to put Real Deal Bridge to it's first big test!  If you would like to be part of this phase simply sign up for weekly email updates.

The project build

Real Deal Bridge release phase 1

This week was focused on building out the director moderation tools and putting the polish on existing functionality. 

The Real Deal Bridge Director moderation tools are intuitively designed and easy to use.  Director's will have visual and audio alerts for Director calls and disconnections.  The summary panel also features a colour coded system allowing director's to easily see the progress of a round and identify the location of any calls.     

The easy to use directing/scoring program will not only empower clubs to run great sessions but will mean that player needs are attended to and resolved quickly.

Also don't forget, players are able to talk to the director.

This week the team at No Moss even had the Real Deal Bridge team fumbling through the Law Book looking for answers to problems that we haven't faced before. 


For example:  What if Declarer claims before the opening lead, should Dummy's hand automatically be faced?

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Here's a peek at our login and register screens. 

From next week the Real Deal Bridge YouTube Chanel will be populated with video guides.  These guides are a great way to see the program in action and learn your way around.  

Each time a new video drops there will be a post on Facebook.  Make sure that you have liked Real Deal Bridge on Facebook to keep in the loop. 

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