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Update #12
September 1st

ABF Masterpointed sessions start today and they're free!

All Real Deal Bridge Club games will now attract ABF Masterpoints and they are free to play in for a limited time!

How do you get started?  
Click launch Real Deal Bridge (top of this page), create your user account, organise a time to play with your partner and book in for sessions.

When are the games?
It's best to look in the program for the game details (they are set to your time zone and display all relevant information about the format and time allowed per board).  For a quick guide (Sydney time)
Tue 7.30pm, Wed 3.00pm, Thu 10.00am, Thu 7.30pm, Fri 10.00am, Sat 11.00am, Sun 11.00am, Mon 7.30pm.

How long will they be free?

The short answer:  At least until September 7th.

The long answer:  We can't wait to see RDB in the Apple store.  RDB is somewhere in the queue being processed by Apple.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to have a few games and will continue to run sessions free of charge until the app has been live for 7 days so that our iPad users have a chance to play.  

If you use an Android tablet, there is no need to wait, it is already in the Play Store waiting for you!

Who is Real Deal Bridge for?

You and your partner 

Play at the Real Deal Bridge Club or your local club (if they have joined up to make RDB their virtual home).

Bridge teachers

ABF and non ABF clubs can set up their online home to run virtual bridge sessions. 

Private groups

Do you have a group that would like to play your own games online?  You can set up your own private group and run duplicate sessions.

Bridge Clubs 

ABF and non ABF clubs can set up their online home to run virtual bridge sessions.