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A message from Laura Ginnan:  Real Deal Bridge Managing Director

Real Deal Bridge (RDB) was founded in April 2020 with the goal of making bridge easy, enjoyable and accessible.   In that time we have kicked some big goals as the first Australian made, owned and operated bridge platform.  RDB has hosted the Grand National Novice Pairs (Gold Masterpoint event), pioneered hybrid teaching between live face-to-face clubs with a remote online teacher and conducted 700+ duplicate games and 300+ development/teaching sessions!

In2023 RDB will be moving in a different direction to focus on what we do best, which is delivering top quality teaching and events.  The biggest change is that we will be stopping all of our online live games with the final session being held on Friday January 27th.


From March 2023 RDB will have an exciting offering of seminars and face to face events and continue to evolve the hybrid teaching options for clubs.  This new direction will continue our work to make bridge easy, enjoyable and accessible.


We have enjoyed providing online games to our loyal customer base. We will work with our customers to ensure that they are still able to enjoy the game they love in a way that suits them.

Email: info@realdealbridge for more information


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