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Flowerdale Estate: The valley of 1000 Hills
July 3 - 5 (2023) Strath Creek, Victoria 

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Laura Ginnan
social bridge
bill jacobs
workshop with Keith Kat
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Unforgettable Bridge Retreat at Flowerdale Estate:
A Winter Wonderland of Bridge and Camaraderie!

As the winter sun bathed the picturesque Flowerdale Estate in a golden glow, 12 tables of eager players embarked on a bridge adventure like no other. Amidst the serene beauty of the estate, this memorable event unfolded, weaving together the excitement of competition, the joy of learning, and the warmth of new friendships.
At the heart of this extraordinary gathering was a teaching collaboration among bridge virtuosos - Bill Jacobs, Keith Kat, and Laura Ginnan. Their expertise and passion for the game radiated through every workshop, leaving participants inspired and eager to up their bridge game.
From novices to seasoned players, the retreat catered to all, offering a diverse range of activities that struck the perfect balance between learning and play. As the sun set over Flowerdale Estate, the thrill of strategic moves and tactical decisions filled the air, creating an electric atmosphere that only bridge aficionados can truly appreciate.

But the event was not merely about cards and competition. It was a holistic experience designed to create lasting memories. Evenings were filled with laughter and enjoyment as attendees savored delicious food, fine wine, and engaging conversations. The highlight of the evenings was the twist added to social bridge, a delightful surprise that had everyone in high spirits, and thinking outside the box!
Here’s what some attendees had to say:
"Congratulations on making a bridge retreat for players off all levels. The retreat was run most efficiently with a real/great/deal of generosity and of spirit, congratulations."
"Very enjoyable, very well organized, the little extras such as the daily news handouts etc were next level."
"These few days have been great, will come again!"
"Everyone was very kind and helpful, this was much appreciated."
"The camaraderie with fellow bridge players was lovely. A bridge immersion experience was a getaway to build confidence and enjoy the game and renew enthusiasm for bridge – Thank you and well done."
"Very impressed with the management of the whole event."
The participants' words echoed the sentiment of an unforgettable experience that left a lasting impact on everyone present. The event's management received high accolades for the thoughtful touches added an extra layer of magic to the entire retreat.
This bridge retreat at Flowerdale Estate was a resounding success, a true celebration of bridge and the group spirit that comes with it. As the event concluded, participants departed with new skills and cherished memories.
Join us on our next adventures, where cards, laughter, and unforgettable moments await you!
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