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There are heaps of prizes on offer for players. Clubs can also win some great prizes for hosting heats including exclusive teaching opportunities, a return of all entry fees and more!


What can we win?

The cut off is from the June 30. Players must have fewer than 100 Mps or <54% rating for Grand Slam players


When is the Masterpoint cut off?

You can run online heats using any platform you like. If you would like to use Real Deal Bridge, RDB we will provide a director and run the session for no additional cost!

Online club heats

Can we run a heat on another platform?

This is so easy! You will be able to send us the names of the partnerships who placed or a score sheet from the event.

Submitting results

What will we need to do?

Clubs can choose the charge to the players but will be charged $5.00AUD per participant (including players who are ineligible to proceed to the next stage).


What are the fees?

Clubs are responsible for the provision of qualifier Masterpoints. These can be green, or you could apply your Red Point allocation.

Gold Masterpoints will be awarded in the Semis and Final. All players who make it to the Final will be allocated Gold Masterpoints.


What are the awards?

Tournament organiser: Laura Ginnan

Chief Scorer: Matthew McManus

Chief Director: Matthew McManus


Who are the key contacts?

Club heats: Nov 15- Nov 21

Semi Finals: Nov 29- Dec 5

Final: Dec 11 (1.00pm AEDT


What are the key event dates?

Players who cannot proceed to the finals can certainly play in club heats.

Over 100 MP players

Can they play?

Hand records and deal files will be emailed to clubs by November 7th


How do we get the deals?

You can run a heat any day that you like between November 15 and 21.

The Semi Finals are between November 29 and December 5 and players will be able to choose a day which suits them best.

The final is at 1.00pm AEDT on December 11.


When can heats run?

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