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Private Groups

Private groups can set up their own "club" and run virtual bridge sessions for multiple tables.


Who can set up groups?

Anyone can apply to set up a group.  You will have full control over who joins your group and setting up your own games. 

What do group operations include?

Groups can set up their own home page on the RDB platform and then have their friends join by searching for the group using the "clubs tab". 

Groups can then run their own multi table sessions. 


There is no fee for establishing a club or the initial training for using the program.  RDB charges a fee of 20 credits to each user whenever they play in  your group sessions.   

How to get your group started on RBD
One player from the group is responsible for establishing the group and will be the 'Group Owner'.  They need to apply directly to RBD to get the process started by emailing

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