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Alex Lees and Jo Buckingham (Real Deal Bridge)

Jo Buckingham

How long have you been playing bridge for?

18 months

When you're not playing bridge you are... Playing Poker and Lawn Bowls (sort of) . Volunteering for Meal on Wheels and Australian Museum -digitally - now and then.

If you were shipwrecked with 3 bridge players, who would they be? Omar Sharif because of his smouldering eyes!

Donald 'Ducky' Mallard from NCIS who complains about his Bridge partners. Par for the course. Lol.

Alex Lees because of his smouldering eyes!

If you could re-name it, what would you call bridge?

Armageddon. Why is Alex so wonderful?

His flamboyant bidding at times and his eternal hope that my play will improve!

What do you love about your bridge club? Being able to play almost every day. I love playing on line and what a life saver during lock down. I would have gone insane without it.

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