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Celebrity Speaker: Mary Elson Mon 23/8

Mary was the inaugural recipient of the Victorian Bridge Association teacher of the year award.

Mary has been paved the way for thousands of learning players with her popular beginners and intermediate programs.

Mary has been very successful at the bridge table with multiple Victorian representations.

The pre game interview is a fluid talk with a bit of banter but the interview with Mary is likely to touch on bridge teaching, the evolution of game, the juggle between work and playing bridge etc.

Mary will join the 1.00pm (Syd/Mel/Bris) game on Monday 23 August and will be in the lobby for the pre game interview from 12.30.

After the game Mary will join the lobby to discuss the boards.

For every participant in Celebrity Speaker games, Real Deal Bridge donates 50c to youth bridge.

If you need a partner, email Laura at

If you need any help getting set up also email Laura.

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