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Max Mullamphy and Shannon Bowen (Real Deal Bridge)

Shannon Bowen

How long have you been playing bridge for?

11 years (with far too many breaks) When you're not playing bridge you are... I think the correct answer is: looking forward to the next time I play bridge. Probably also working too much.

If you were shipwrecked with 3 bridge players, who would they be? I would have three criteria: Good team players, hardiness, and practicality. Perhaps the first could be partially judged on teams matches, but more heavily on attitude towards teammates than bridge skill. If we're stranded together I'm happy to have any quality of bridge competition, but very keen to have good team players who can work together to navigate the perils of ship-wrecked life. If you could re-name it, what would you call bridge?

'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!' Why is Max so wonderful?

Max has a great laid-back approach to enjoying bridge. We are good at staying in the present, celebrating clever choices, kicking ourselves over foolish mistakes, and then putting it all behind us to enjoy the next hand.

What do you love about your bridge club? The directors at the Canberra Bridge Club are always helpful and friendly, which contributes to making the club a pleasant and relaxed place to play.

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