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Monday GNNP wrap up

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Today's participating clubs: Real Deal Bridge Club South Australian Bridge Association Sale Bridge Club (click for SBC results)

Hand analysis by Renee Cooper and Peter Hollands

Download of pdf hand record (click the link below)

Download PDF • 338KB

Hand highlights video

Full length feature boards 1-28 (1 hour 16 minutes)

Qualifiers through to the Semi-Finals

Sale Bridge Club

Marg Higgins and Clynn Lord

Barney and Raynor Castles

Di and Steve Baldwin

Jan Embling and Julie Foster

Real Deal Bridge Club

Robert White and Peter Shcuster

Alex Lees and Jo Buckingham

Elizabeth Fogarty and Prue Hope

Jenny Abraham and Anna Sibbel

South Australian Bridge Association

Peter Larrsson and Diana Bruer Eva Les and Judy Stacey

Colleen Dingle and Glennis Morrison

Janet McLachlan and Edwina Grant

Sue Moore and Rose Glennon

Bob Sellars and Ross Fletcher Cathy McAuliffe and Janet Grieve

Jeremy Randall and Jake Howie

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