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Take out doubles by overcaller-lesson series September 2021

Using Take Out doubles as overcaller Tuesday morning workshops with Mary Elson These lessons are perfect for improving players Lessons run online through Real Deal Bridge on Tuesday morning. Pre game talk (quiz answers) from 9.30am, play 10.00-11.40am, post-game discussion after the game (all times listed are AEST/Melb/Syd/Bris).

Tue 7/9:Responding to take out doubles -the basics: What suit to call and how high to bid.

Tue 14/9: Responding to take out doubles -continuing: Cue bidding the opponent’s suit and NT replies.

Tue 21/9:Power doubles: How the overcaller shows a hand too strong for a simple overcall.

Tue 28/9: Competing with doubles after pre-emptive openings: When to compete and how doubles change.

Every lesson includes: Quiz (emailed on Sunday, please book in as early as possible), 20 minute pre game voice lesson, play 12 boards, post-game analysis.

Cost: 50 RDB credits per session (a bit more than a coffee) or eligible for 30 Day Golden Ticket holders.

So flexible! Two great time slots and no need to commit for all lessons!

If you are already on Real Deal Bridge, simply book in through the Real Deal Bridge program. If you do not have a RDB account, click the button below to express interest and find out about the next steps:

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