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Credits can be used for entry fees to Real Deal Bridge games in the Real Deal Bridge Club or other clubs which use Real Deal Bridge. 
Credits will be added to your Real Deal Bridge user account within 24 hours of payment.

400 Real Deal Bridge Credits

    • Real Deal Credits “Credits”
    • You may purchase credits to be used on RDB for a fee.  Credits may be purchased from within the Real Deal Bridge app.
    • Credits are not refundable, nor can they be withdrawn as cash or transferred to another user.
    • In the event of user death remaining credits are forfeited.
    • Credits are forfeited when a user account is cancelled by the user or the user account is deleted due to inactivity for 2 consecutive years.
    • A suspended user will retain their credits however the account will be considered as inactive for the suspension period.
    • Where a player banned for life all remaining credits are forfeited.
    • Credits may be exchanged for entry into specific sessions.  The credits required for this will be displayed on the appropriate session registration screen. 
    • When You register for a session the credits required for that game will be frozen. 
    • You may not register for a session that you do not have enough credits to play in.
    • Credits for sessions are deducted from your account when the session commences.
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