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Our games

The best place to see upcoming games is in the RDB program calendar which displays sessions in your local time.

The calendar on the right outlines our upcoming game schedule.  You might like explore the different game types below:

Our bridge program includes
Themed games
Celebrity speaker talks
Pop up lessons


Duplicate games:  18-24 boards

Supervised games: 16 boards, you can ask questions of the director (usually Laura Ginnan).  

Themed games: 16 boards where all boards are on a particular topic.


Celebrity speaker talks:  A celebrity joins the pre and post game lobby.  Before the game they are interviewed about their bridge experiences and after the game, they go through some of the hands. 


Pop up lessons (New): Bridge teachers can host their lessons on RDB.  


Please note, it is best to check in program.  The times displayed are when the pre game lobby opens, start time is 30 minutes after the time listed.  

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