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Bridge in the Ballroom: Results



1st: Greg Lewin & Belinda Lindsay (Real Deal Bridge)

1st: Kim Frazer & Kitty Muntz (Distinguished guests)

2nd: Faye Symons & Denis Upsall (Sandhurst Bridge Academy)

2nd: Raman Jenathesan & Colin Wilshire (Northern Bridge Club)

3rd: Debbie Goldsworthy - Jing Geng (Whittlesea Bridge Club)

3rd: Sally Murray-White & Geoff Whiting (Bayside Bridge Club)

4th: Leslie Decker & Caroline Marshall (Alexandra Bridge Club)

4th Linda Picone & John Sarena (Warrnambool Bridge Club)

5th: Kay Speed & Sue Casey (Balwyn North Bowls Club)

5th: Marion Scambler & Philip Scambler (Geelong Bridge Club)

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1 Comment

Nov 21, 2023

How absolutely wonderful to see the game we love played in elegant surroundings by people who have risen to the occasion! Congrats to the organisers! What a wonderful shot in the arm for bridge! Joan Butts ❤️

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