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The following template article is provided to assist with using the unique opportunity of bridge in the Ballroom to raise the profile of bridge and promote ways of getting into the game. The article can be used as you please. To use the template, you simply need to copy the text below, ammend the grey shaded areas to your club's details before sending it onto the local newspaper or other media. The article is best noted as authored by Catherine Harris, Laura Ginnan and [BRIDGE CLUB NAME].

Some bridge club representatives had their photo taken at the Dais with the State Chair. Those photo's are attached at the end of the templated article along with a number of group photos. The inclusion of photos with the article is likely to have a greater success. (Article begins) [TOWN, BRIDGE CLUB NAME] Comes Up Trumps at Government House.

Last week, [Names from TOWN] took their seat at the table for an historic Bridge game at Government House.


The grand ballroom was transformed into a card house hosting 160 players and distinguished guests, representing the thriving Bridge-playing community across the state.

The occasion marked the first time the Ballroom, with a length surpassing even Buckingham Palace's Ballroom, had been set up for Bridge.

Event organizer, Laura Ginnan, said “this wonderful game of Bridge in the Ballroom event aimed to celebrate Victoria’s Bridge community and to showcase Victoria’s contribution to the game worldwide.”

Bridge is a strategy-based card game and is recognized as a mind-sport by the International Olympic Committee. Its origins can be traced to the invention of trick-taking games in the 16th century. Bill Gates is a big fan. Sharon Stone is learning to play. And it is a passion of local luminaries such as Caroline Wilson and Barry Jones.

In many ways, Victorians have left an indelible mark on the international Bridge scene. Victoria is home to the first Vice-President to the World Bridge Federation Executive Council and the World Bridge Federation Chief Tournament Director. The world’s biggest Bridge streamer and influencer, Peter Hollands, is based in Victoria and the world’s biggest bridge podcast,Sorry, Partner, is also produced in Victoria. Even in bridge, Victoria is the 'Education State' with the State Library of Victoria housing the Bourke Bridge Collection, one of the largest collections of Bridge books in the world.

The benefits of playing Bridge are well-documented. Bridge stimulates the brain and helps maintain mental sharpness, it can boost the immune system, and Bridge players are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Bridge is also fun. It is a social game that builds community and social connection.

Our [TOWN] players had a wonderful afternoon. [NAME] says “It was a terrific event. We enjoyed meeting players from across the state for some fun, friendly competition in this historic setting. We hope the Governor will host Bridge in the Ballroom again next year.”

For more information about local games and where you can learn to play, contact [bridge club, bridge club contact details] or Bridge Victoria:

(Article ends)

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