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Explore some of our lesson types

Real Deal Bridge has a number of teaching sessions for players of all skill levels.

The page below provides you with some examples of our teaching sessions which include: Same hand, different situation (a lesson before every duplicate game)

Top tip Tuesdays Deep-Dive Thursdays Themed Thursdays Foundations


Same hand, different situation

These mini lessons before each duplicate game test our your understanding of the game and put you to the test. You are given a hand and need to choose the action that you would take in each of the following scenarios. Click the play button to the right to see how you go with this sample.


Tuesday Top Tips (Top tips for part score battles demo)

Top tips for part score battles
Download PDF • 103KB

On Tuesday morning's Laura Ginnan explores some of her top tips which are easy to apply at the table, improve your

results and have you feeling comfortable in uncomfortable positions. Click the file download at the top and then you can click video to hear the pre-game discussion. Tuesday mornings include 12 hands and analysis of the boards after play. To find out more, click HERE

Download PDF • 129KB

Thursday deep-dive (Introduction to RKCB demo)

Here's where we look at a specific concept. Deep-dive sessions with Mary Elson include the play of 12 hands and analysis of all of the boards after you play.

Click the file download on the right and then you can click video to hear the pre-game discussion.

to find out more, click HERE


Thursday themed games (The strong and forcing 2C opening demo)

Thursday afternoon's allows you the chance to come and test our your game with hands on a specific topic. This session suits a wide skill level and also allows players to test out their individual partnership agreements. Click the video to the left to play the demo on the strong and forcing 2C opening.

RDB Transfers 1 2021
Download PDF • 179KB

Bidding foundations -recommencing Feb 2022 (Transfers Demo) Foundations of bidding is a course for new players. Foundations continued explores the next steps such as Stayman, Transfers, Pre-empts and more. To explore the demo, download the file on the right and then click play on the video after you have completed the sheet.

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