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Personal Clubs: Golden Ticket privileges

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Real Deal Bridge is excited to announce that active Golden Ticket holders can now create their own games! We are so proud to be delivering this powerful tool to our Golden Ticket holders significantly earlier than forecasted.

How does it work? Golden ticket holders need to fill in the form below and within 24 hours will be issued with their own Private Club. From there, Club owners can choose who they allow into the games and start to create sessions at anytime that they would like to play with their friends.

Random hands are available in this first stage however, in the next stage of development, Personal Club holders will be able to choose deal files which allow you to practice specific topics!

If you are an active Golden Ticket holder simply complete the form below to get started with your private club.

If you don't have a Golden Ticket, you can purchase one from within the RDB program and come back and complete the form. Don't have the program? Click HERE to download RDB.

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